Reimagining success once live on Workday

May 14, 2017

Every organization has unique ongoing support needs related to their Workday tenant and HR operations. They want to realize their full HR SaaS potential throughout the lifetime of their subscription while reducing the risk of resource attrition and increasing organizational efficiency within their HR organization.

Whether an organization is in the process of moving to a HR SaaS system or is already live, they will need a plan for a sustainable future state delivery and operations model. Those responsible for its development often ask:

  • Do I have a strategy and capacity to consume regular updates?
  • How do I provide service to my people?
  • Do I have the right skilled, technical resources to meet my organization’s changing needs?

Here are insights we've gathered with a specific analysis of over ten organizations serving 150,000 employees:

  • Over 50% of our case volumes were specifically related to process rescinds or data corrections.
  • Top data corrections were for new hires and job changes.
  • 25% of process rescinds were for organization and position edits.

Organizations that aren't prepared for these changes find themselves facing downstream impacts to their payroll and benefits. Whether you have one-time projects or need ongoing support, we offer a range of Application management services (AMS) to meet your needs.

Learn about Alight AMS:

Application management services
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