Fresh, interactive, helpful: How RELX used friendly tech in their retirement benefits strategy

May 19, 2017

RELX Group is a global leader in providing information and analytics to a variety of business industries, with more than 12,000 talented and tech-savvy individuals in the U.S. across all generations. To help employees make financial decisions (based on their age or stage), the RELX U.S. Benefits team offered life-stage-targeted savings and budgeting tips. And for new employees, they gave step-by-step guidance on new hire “must-dos.” But as we all know, personally and professionally, simply providing “helpful” information just doesn’t cut it in today’s world of hyper-targeted tools and tech.

To amp up the engagement factor, the RELX Group and Alight Solutions designed two solutions—with separate content but similar goals, and with three “must have” features. The financial tips and new hire guidance needed to be:

  • Interactive
  • Simple
  • Accessible

Friendly Tech + Meaningful Interactions

RELX’s mobile-responsive website, the RE Benefits Reporter, provided a natural platform for seamlessly integrating their new interactive content. This fresh approach to benefits guidance was the result of several highly collaborative sessions among RELX's Benefits Team, Alight Solution's consultants, writers, web developers, and designers.

Check ’em out on your desktop or smartphone today!

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