Key findings on the employment experience

November 7, 2017 Nikki Jolin

There are many factors that can shape a great employee experience. Yet there are an equal number of challenges your organization may face when trying to create the ideal environment for your people. Perhaps you're unable to drive a desired culture or articulate a differentiated employee value proposition (EVP). Or maybe you haven't been able to align your human resources and total rewards philosophies with actual program design and delivery. And possibly you've struggled to drive engagement and productivity through a digital, multi-generational workplace.

If you've faced any of these challenges, you'll find valuable insights here. For the third year, Alight Solutions' Workforce Mindset® study sets out to help employers make sense of what the employee experience is like today, and - more importantly - what is required to create an experience where people and their organizations thrive.

About the report:

We heard from more than 2,500 respondents representing the U.S. working population about their work experiences. They answered more than 150 questions about themselves, how they feel about their employer, and what they expect in an employment relationship. You'll find the highlights of our findings below - exploring employee value proposition (EVP), total rewards, manager effectiveness and technology. Here are a few points to start:

1.  Employees aren't feeling your EVP. While 83% of employees say having a clear EVP is important, only 34% can describe it for their current employer.

2.  They want more fun and flexibility. Right behind pay and benefits, fun and flexibility are the attributes most likely to differentiate the employment experience. (They'd like to see more innovation, too.)

3.  Your people want respect. It's what some of your employees seek most. The other characteristics and values most desired by today's employees are balance, recognition-oriented, accountable and honest.

4.  Today's workforce craves flexibility. In fact, the majority of employees say it's the single most meaningful attribute - even more so than unlimited paid time off and parental leave.

5.  Managers are falling short. While 78% of employees expect managers to discuss career and learning opportunities with them, only 37% agree that managers do this well.

6.  They understand less than you think. Though employees are experiencing the "one-stop-shop" of their intranets, only half feel well informed or find it easy to collaborate with other employees...and even fewer say HR systems are effective.


Want more insights? Download the full report.

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