How are companies helping employees improve their financial wellbeing?

May 20, 2017

Some interesting stats from Alight Solutions' 2017 Hot Topics in Retirement & Financial Wellbeing survey on how today's employers are exploring new ways to help employees improve their financial wellbeing.


More employers than ever are likely to expand their financial wellbeing programs in 2017


are very likely


are moderately likely


Employers will be creating a broad financial wellbeing strategy in 2017


intend to create a strategy this year


already have a strategy


Top financial topics for employers to provide workers with tools, services, or education:


Basics of investing


Health care education


Financial planning


Making the connection between health and wealth


of employers have an integrated wellbeing program that features both financial and physical wellbeing


of employers are building a financial wellbeing program in an effort to decrease medical costs


Most popular reasons for expanding financial wellbeing programs


believe it is the right thing to do


seek to increase employee engagement


aim to improve retirement plan statistics


would like to decrease worker time spent addressing financial issues


For help crafting your benefits offerings to better align with overall objectives, download 2017 Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing.

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