HSAs and 401(k)s: A holistic approach to health and retirement benefits

January 31, 2018

Your people are not only having to think about saving enough for retirement, but also having enough to cover rising health care expenses. How are your people using medical and retirement benefits in conjunction with one another, and how can you use that information to effectively promote your employer-sponsored benefits program?

In the HSA and 401(k) Contribution Analysis, we share insights into how key demographics and characteristics impact participation in health care and 401(k) plans, including:

  • Which employees enroll in both health care coverage and their 401(k) plan?
    Over 60% of employees use employer-provided health care coverage and save to the 401(k) plan, but what demographics have the largest impact on participation?
  • Who contributes to both an HSA and 401(k)?
    One in five employees contributes to an HSA, but what impact does that participation have on their 401(k) contributions?
  • What can employers do to promote their benefits?  
    How can your organization use this information to increase HSA and 401(k) participation?


Download the HSA and 401(k) Contribution Analysis

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HSA and 401(k) Contribution Analysis
HSA and 401(k) Contribution Analysis

HSA and 401(k) contribution analysis

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