Educating employees to drive better health care decisions

May 19, 2017

As HR leaders in your organization, you spend a lot of time developing thoughtful and comprehensive health care programs. It can then be frustrating to see these strategies and programs fail simply because the employees did not know about the underlying programs or take advantage of them. Reaching out, engaging employees, and communicating the full value of these programs is critical.

75% of consumers believe it is important to choose the best health plan. However, once they have coverage, less than half (49%) have a good experience or know where to go to get the best value, and only 45% feel well-equipped to manage their costs.1
Source: 2016 Alight Solutions Consumer Health Mindset Study

This can be a frustrating statistic for benefit leaders, considering the large amount of time, money, and focus that companies spend attempting to educate employees about the details of their benefits.

Your employees have an appetite for personalized content and recommendations. Consumers are finding employer-provided tools more helpful and their interest in targeted communications is increasing.

Most Helpful Tool or Information From Employers2

45% believe employers should point them to appropriate providers for cost and quality and 33% think their employers should send targeted communications based on their personal health conditions.

Making sure your communication content and methods are authentic, immersive, and hyper-relevant is key to engaging your employees and driving successful outcomes.


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