Four considerations when evaluating overhauling your health benefits strategy

May 14, 2017

Is it time to reimagine your approach to health benefits delivery? Before you make a change, consider these items:

1. Rising health care costs

We all know the cost of health care is rising and doesn’t show sign of letting up any time soon. And more often than not, you’re having to ask employees to share in those rising costs.

But, did you know that 50% of your health care costs are determined by 5% of your population who are considered “super utilizers”

Are you aware of what factors are causing health care costs to rise in your organization and how you can address those issues?

2. Uncertainty about future health care legislation

Health care legislation has continued to evolve, change and impact your organization in many ways since the original Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. That pace of change shows no sign of slowing in 2017 with the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House of Representatives and its current debate in the Senate. It is a challenge to keep up and understand how these changes impact your organization.

Is your benefits administration platform compliant today and able to adapt to potential health care legislation changes?

3. Challenging employees to make behavioral changes

Employers generally agree that in order to help their organization thrive, they need to motivate their people to make behavioral changes and/or engage them in benefits and support programs. Yet, they continue to struggle to meet these objectives due to rising and unpredictable healthcare costs.

71% of employers struggle to motivate people to make behavioral changes

68% of employers struggle to engage employees in health care benefits and support programs

Do you have the tools to effectively communicate the value of your benefits to your employees?

4. Educating your employees to make smarter benefit choices

Keeping your communication content and method authentic, immersive and hyper-relevant can be the key to driving successful outcomes in your organization.

75% of consumers believe it's important to pick the best health plan available to them. However, <50% of consumers know where to go to get the best value or feel well-equipped to manage their costs once they have coverage.

Are you able to effectively communicate the value of your benefits to keep your people engaged?

Do these challenges sound familiar? Are there ways to reimagine how your organization delivers benefits to your people?

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