Getting your people to pay attention during annual enrollment

September 28, 2017

A pop-up poll during our recent webinar showed that your biggest challenge to delivering a successful annual enrollment is that your people aren’t paying attention.

This stat is not a surprise. On average 45% of your people do nothing during annual enrollment; they do no research and simply assume the benefits from the previous year will carry over.  Even those that do spend time on annual enrollment, spend less than 15 minutes on enrollment decisions.  What can you do to break through the noise and get your people to pay attention at this critical time of year? Our on-demand webinar provides just the tips you need.

  • Get personal
    To drive active enrollment, understand the different types of enrollers in your organization—‘do nothing’, ‘quick-pickers’ and ‘researchers’—and provide them with personal messages that inspire action.
  • Earn their attention
    Identify your enrollment goals and create messages that drive behaviors to achieve these goals.  Listen for examples of how you can encourage increasing HSA contributions, increasing 401K contributions and researching when their plan is not available in the new year.
  • Educate them
    Communication can’t stop once enrollment is done. To get people to successfully use their benefits in the new year, continue to educate them throughout the year.  One example is to educate your people on urgent care and decrease ER usage.


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