Save time and get the most out of your SaaS updates

May 13, 2017

Time can, in fact, equal money. And that can definitely be the case when dealing with SaaS updates. Keeping up to speed with what’s coming and having a plan of action on how to incorporate those updates requires focus and dedication. One of our clients had been on a SaaS solution for a number of years but was struggling to keep up with updates and commit the time needed to fully test and prepare.

As a trusted partner, they turned to us for guidance on their rollout strategy. We reviewed scheduled changes by assessing the impact to their system, as well as demonstrating and discussing the impact. We performed the necessary configuration and provided guidance on what should be tested by them. Lastly, we supported the update configuration and go-live. Support was also provided to help with optional features they wanted to implement. In the end, they were able to ultimately save time and money, in following this structured approach.

Fast-forward your watch to their next SaaS update and we are helping support their team, this time utilizing new automated regression test scripts. Working closely together we identified the appropriate tests, ran through scenarios and reviewed the corresponding pass/fail test results. Our automated scripts approach allowed them to cut their testing time from 100+ hours down to 30 hours.

Our support during their SaaS update allowed them to ensure their updates went live correctly, while freeing up their own resources’ time to focus on value-add activities. And as we all know, time is valuable.

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