SuccessFactors success story: How we were able to help them see the light

August 30, 2017 Kristen Harbour

After being on SAP SuccessFactors for over 10 years, a leading construction & manufacturing company realized they were having difficulty keeping up with the quarterly releases and upgrades needed to keep their application functioning successful. Their talent team found themselves in a predicament—how were they going to be able to keep up with the new features and functionality with limited resources?

We were there to help.

After meeting at a SAP SuccessFactors conference, the partnership sparked into action and we got to work. The organization had some challenges that needed to be addressed including a fundamental gap in preparing for ongoing and targeted growth of their talent processes utilizing their existing SAP SuccessFactors solution among the current Talent staff and knowing where to go for assistance.

We had the right resources…

  • Configuration and implementation of the standard SAP SuccessFactors security protocol known as Role Based Permissions (RBP)
  • Assessed their talent review confirmation
  • Trained existing staff on how to better utilize the system

…for the right results

  • Successfully deployed RBP in both the test and production instances of SAP SuccessFactors
  • Trained the existing staff on how to better use the system so they were set up for success long-term
  • Provided a thorough consultation on their talent processes and how to best utilize their system to execute them

It doesn’t end there.

We were recently engaged to further develop their system knowledge in Performance Management, Calibration and Succession. 

See how we are bringing solutions and services around SAP SuccessFactors to help.

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