Reimagine the role of HRIT with the adoption of SaaS

May 19, 2017

Moving human resources to the cloud brings many benefits to companies, plain and simple. However, it also brings forward new challenges for the HR technology team. Challenges that prevent them from delivering on the business’ expectations of speed, efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Our own Jacob Soliman shares these challenges and the rise of application management services to help address these obstacles in a recent article published in HR Executive Magazine. Heads up – it is a pretty great read. Click here to see the full article.

Alight Solutions’ Workday Application Management Services (AMS)

With a new focus on Application management services, we have a full complement of post-deployment enablement solutions to help organizations realize their full Workday potential while reducing the risk of resource attrition and increasing organizational efficiency. These services include:

Event-driven Workday AMS

Designed for ad-hoc needs, organizations can pre-buy hours for lower rates or buy hours as needed. We bring expert resources to meet an organization’s needs and timelines.

One-time projects

Designed for features that have not yet been deployed, projects include the deployment of new functionality, mobile, reporting, etc. We will consult, deploy and test during the deployment, allowing companies to get the most from these processes with speedy delivery.

Recurring Workday Application Management Services

Recurring events are designed to meet ongoing, calendar-driven configuration needs with expert resources at a fixed price—from annual enrollment to performance cycles and Workday updates. This service helps organizations manage their daily production support tasks. Solutions include:

  • Release optimization
  • Integration monitoring
  • Annual events

Additional Workday Application Management Service packages

We have optimization solutions to meet all of your Workday support needs. Additional packages include:

  • Update adoption package
  • Mergers and acquisitions package
  • Historical conversion package
  • Security package
  • Reporting package
  • Business process package

For more information, please contact us at for the full white paper.

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