How you can take your operational and analytical reporting to the next level

May 13, 2017

Raise the bar on your charts

This company had just gone live with Workday with a separate vendor and was looking to maximize their investment through reporting to improve their internal decision support system. We helped them with 50 Workday HCM and payroll reports involving operational and analytical reporting. Our team did a deep dive to understand their needs and then consulted with them on the different reporting capabilities within Workday. We were able to reduce the number of reports from 50 to 20 by advising them on the many already delivered reports within Workday as well as other efficiencies.

In the end, the reports built for them reflected two major areas. The first set of reports were payroll reports that provided insight into employee hours worked, benefit and payment elections, benefit eligible earnings and employee welfare plans prior to payroll runs. The second set of reports were operational reports that allowed our team to proactively identify data issues and resolve them before downstream systems were impacted. These reports helped the client see their data in a new way by making it easier to detect errors or abnormalities that would need to be addressed. These analytical reports also helped provide better trend insights in their organization.

Finding ways to use data simply and being able to deliver it quickly and in an impactful way to the right people is key to being a stronger data driven organization. This type of reporting results in a greater return on investment for Workday-users and provides them with a competitive edge by having access to real-time insights into their data.

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