Your organization can thrive on Workday with continuous support

May 13, 2017

So that Workday can work for your work day.

In 2010, a global industry-leading virtualization software company deployed Workday to better manage core HR functionality for their 18,000 employees. In 2011, that same company reached out to partner with us for further optimization. Since then, we have been by their side every step of the way, supporting them across the entire Workday platform – from consulting services, to helping design and configure new features.

As they progressed through the stabilization period, the California-based company needed absence domain assistance. They asked us to simplify their process and set up functionality for countries not already configured, and we delivered.

When Workday 26 released BIRT technology, the customer asked us to convert all of their applicable reports to the new technology. With design support, configuration and knowledge transfer they embraced this exciting new technology swiftly and with ease. Although their original release management plan was sound, optional features were often overlooked or put on the back burner. Our Alight Workday 28 optional feature overview sessions provided them with insightful guidance as to the importance of attention to every detail, optional or not.

From the beginning, our goal was always to make sure the customer achieved their goals in the easiest way imaginable. The trust they placed in our people allowed the two organizations to work together to overcome challenges and take full advantage of Workday’s great functionality. Together, we continue to future-proof their HR SaaS solution and focus on keeping things simple.

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